Jazz Society/Cannon Academy

Introducing our newest 2016 Board Members
Arnold Corella Jr.
Mr. Corella is Production Manager for AZTV 7
He is also owner of Rollin Wheels Production Company

Toni Robinson
Ms. Robinson is Director of Professional Development Partnerships for Discovery Education. She works extensively with educators across the country to increase student achievement and enhance teacher performance. As an arts leader Ms. Robinson has worked with the Arizona Commission On The Arts as well as numerous art organizations throughout the state of Arizona.

Ted Leonard
Mr. Leonard is a professional sound engineer.
Ted is also owner of Pro Sounds LLC of Prescott, AZ

Prescott Jazz Society
1993 thru 2017

Below: Ike Cole, keyboard/Joel DiBartolo, bassist/
Dave Cook, drummer/
Eric Bartz, guitarist
@ County Seat Patio Lounge, Prescott, AZ

(Ike Cole, Dave Cook, Joel DiBartolo have since expired)
County Seat Bar & Lounge Patio Performance
Prescott, AZ  1995
Below: Milt Cannon, saxophone, Arthur 'Junae' Booth, bassist,
Nat Yarbrough, drummer, Joe Bonner, pianist
@ NOLAZ Lounge, Prescott,

(Nat & Joe have expired)
The Famous World Renowned CUNNINGHAM DUO of DON & ALICIA laying down the most fabulous award-winning jazz vocalese (scatting) around the world. After Alicia's passing in 2014, Don (a lifetime member of the Prescott Jazz Society) has been the 'keeper of the flame' continuing to pick up awards while making rare appearances.
[See him on December 18, 2016]

All musicians above performed for the Historic Prescott Jazz Society Twenty Year GALA ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION in the Prescott, AZ 'ELKS THEATER' and the 'HASSAYAMPA INN' of Prescott.
Year 2000
            Above: Judy Wexler, Yuko Mabuchi & Alexis Cole dates TBA.
Above: Selwyn Reams, bassist and Milt Cannon, saxophone visiting with Cedar Walton, pianist in the Cedar Walton Trio appearing at Sedona's 'Cafe Rouge' September, 2001
(Cedar Walton has since expired)

Below: Milt Cannon performing with Yavapai College Big Band under the direction of Richard Longfield followed by director Clare Willey.


Ike Cole performed every Prescott Jazz Society Birthday-Christmas Dinner Party from 1994 - 2000. In 1995 Freddy Cole joined his brother in our Performance Center @ 129 1/2 N. Cortez St., (downtown Prescott) to create one of our most memorable Christmas Celebrations. A "once in a lifetime show"  (Archived)

JAZZ ICON Performed For 2015 Arcosanti JUNETEENTH FESTIVAL

CURRENT: 2017 Arcosanti JUNETEENTH Early Bird Discount Ticket

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2017 Jazz Splash Season will be dedicated to the memory of
my boyhood friend, saxophonist and stablemate
     I recently lost another one of my boyhood stablemates Marvin 'Pete' Cabell.        
Pete (nick name) passed in December of 2016 after an extended illness. We together with our drum buddy, Charlie Williams were often together wood-shedding, organizing our own sessions or running down jam sessions between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI.  But hanging mostly on the south side of Chicago.  I, personally, preferred staying to play in the city and not make that drive up to Milwaukee.   But Pete really liked Milwaukee because he had become 'quite' acquainted with the popular and hip Milwaukee organist, 'Beverly Pitts' and saxophonist Berkley Fudge. 

     So, on this one occasion I decided to ride up because he told me that the session started at noon and went on until 3:00 am, enough time to get back to the city in time for the sessions there.  However, this was my first opportunity to meet 'Rashann' Roland Kirk (completely unknown to me at the time).  But I really should have been forewarned about this guy!  Playing (3) horns at once sounded more like a carnival act to me. But I knew there were, besides this unknown magician,  some good players there from parts of Canada hanging out at the session that were good musiciansand also the great alto sax player, 'Bunky Green' was still living there in Milw., and Pete had made another great saxophonist friend named Berkley Fudge (still there).  I was just kinda looking forward to seeing this guy that played all of these horns at once.  But I had no idea of what I was in for that Monday in Milw., when Roland came up with two arms full of horns but picked out the tenor sax and called off the tune 'Cherokee'.  'Rashann' Roland Kirk and I became instant buddies and remained close friends until his passing.  I never made it back to the Chicago sessions until Rashann moved to Chicago!  As a matter of fact, it was only a short while afterward that Rashann moved from Milw., to Chicago where we continued to hang out together checking out different clubs and searching out other players.  I always thanked Marvin 'Pete' Cabell for causing that friendship to happen.  Both Pete and Rashann remain as two beautiful kindred spirits in me. Pete, I grew up with and Rahsann, I grew out with. Rashann eventually put together his recording band and went out on the road. Pete wound up in Baltimore where he opened and managed a jazz club called the 'Full Moon' where he often did benefits for other musicians or their families.

     The more that I write the more things I start remembering.  But Pete's wife and his brother 'Covance Cabell' are planning a tribute that I will announce here. Meanwhile, stay tuned as I may occasionally put up a thought  or memory on this post about my dear friend and partner in the world of jazz Marvin 'Pete' Cabell.

NOTE: There were quite a few good local players that participated in our own spontaneously organized sessions including pianist Ike Cole (brother of Nat & Freddy Cole) who relocated to Phx., AZ, drummer Charlie Williams (who left to join the popular stage play 'Hair') and eventually settled in Elizabeth, NJ,  bassist Wilson 'Pee Wee' Mckindra, and a ton of really good musicians that were stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in No. Chicago, IL.

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