Will McClay: Dez Bryant was inconsistent, couldn’t win one-on-one

Dez Bryant remains unsigned more than two weeks after the Cowboys released him. The receiver turned down an offer from the Ravens, and no other team publicly has expressed interest in him.

Cowboys scouting chief Will McClay essentially admitted Bryant’s play didn’t match the $12.5 million base and $16.5 million salary cap number Bryant’s contract called for in 2018. Bryant has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014, and he has gone 23 games without a 100-yard game.

Between appearances and practice, NFL cheerleading could easily become a full-time job if teams added a morning practice, or a shift working in the team office before evening practice.

If this was a full-time job, or even just a better-paying part-time job, the women wouldn’t have to balance multiple jobs and drive themselves to exhaustion working a full day and then rushing to a full night of practice.

Ray has 13 sacks in 38 games since joining the Broncos and would be able to position himself well for free agency if he can improve on that production this year. Doing so could require beating out Chubb for playing time and that looks like a tall order given the fanfare that accompanies the rookie into the NFL.

We’d ride in the last bus, and we’d wait to grab our post-game meal until after the players got theirs.

We were viewed ashalf-letes by many of the other student-athletes because we weren’t a competitive team.

But we still got to travel comfortably to the games, we still received varsity letters, and we still had a coach who cared for us.

We were treated with respect and felt like we mattered.broncos_123_b362a4698d66a5eb-180x180

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